Awakening the Light Body


light body

All wisdom traditions recognise the existence of a subtle body of energy. In the western system, this is known as the ‘ Light Body’, and goes by other names, in other cultures. These systems propose a subtle anatomy that mirrors and influences the physical and spiritual health of the individual. This system has channels, points and centres of energetic alchemical transformation, such as the Taoist’s Tan Tiens, or the Tantric traditions ‘chakras’ {‘wheels’}.

In this workshop, utilising techniques drawn from the Tantric, Taoist and shamanic traditions, we will systematically work through the whole of the energy body, awakening, energising and enlivening all the primary, secondary and tertiary centres until the whole body becomes a ‘Body of Light’.

In this workshop you will learn

  • Qi self massage to awaken, purge and drain the meridians {channels}
  • Qi To the Bone Marrow to transform the deepest physical structures of the body- found within the bone marrow- into pure diamond-like energy
  • Chakra chanting and Bija mantras to open and activate the chakras
  • 3 Dan Tien Empowerment
  • Shamanic techniques of energetic activation
  • Micro-cosmic orbit meditation, to strongly increase and develop the flow of internal energy. Practise over time can lead to the awakening of extra-ordinary abilities such as healing and clairvoyancelight body1



Time: 10am- 5pm

Cost: 30 usd

Please contact us to arrange this workshop!




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