Ceremony Information


Powerful, spiritual, transformative.

Evolutionary Shamanism invites you to experience deeply spiritual and profoundly transformative ceremonies using the sacred medicine, Ayahuasca. This medicine, used for thousands of years in the Amazon, can be used to treat a wide variety of energetic, emotional, and physical problems and can lead to the same levels of realization as described in Eastern paths of Mysticism.

Our 20 years of training in various world traditions has empowered us to facilitate highly charged and transformative experiences.

Our Approach:

We hold a multi- traditional approach to medicine work. While most shamans work with plant spirits, we work primarily with Deities. This adds a higher, purer energy to the space, which participants can experience as a field of love, the embrace of the Divine. Calling on allies, Gods, Goddesses, ancestors, and helpers from the plant and spirit realms, these beings empower, heal, and liberate the spirit.

We begin every ceremony with Puja, a ritual invocation of the Divine. These divine energies permeate the space and are easily seen, felt, and recognised by participants. These beings go on to infuse the ayahuasca space itself, allowing a realm of intense healing to manifest.

When travelling in the inter-dimensional realms, it is necessary to have an experienced and knowledgable guide. Safety is paramount when dealing with the unseen. In our ceremony, we offer an unprecedented degree of spiritual and energetic protection, based on over 20 years training in the world’s wisdom traditions.

What to Expect During Ceremony:

Ceremony is conducted in noble silence, apart from the shaman who sings, chants, and prays throughout the night, calling on his tutelary spirits to heal and bless the participants.

Once in the ceremonial space, participants are requested not to leave for safety reasons.

Participants can expect a variety of effects, which vary from person to person, ranging from strong physical purging of unwanted energies, to ecstatic visions of otherworldly temples. This is not to say that the experience will necessarily be easy. Often times, participants will be made to face that in themselves that is dark, repressed, or suppressed. However, as well as being a necessary event in the evolution of the soul, in these ceremonies participants feel fully supported, held, and protected.

Ceremonies are held in a safe, secure environment and are kept small and intimate to ensure maximum attention to all participants.

Ceremony Preparation:

  • All participants must fast from 1 pm on the day of the ceremony. Water or herbal teas may be drunk in the afternoon, but please avoid caffeine.
  • Please inform Paul if they are taking any medications, including over-the-counter cold remedies, or altitude medications. If you have a history of mental health issues please inform Paul.
  • Please keep a vegetarian diet for 3 days  before ceremony.


Please do not come if you are expecting a trip, or another high, or another psychedelic.

Ayahuasca is none of these.

Ayahuasca is liquid evolution.

Come when you feel the call.

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