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This journey is one that heals on a personal, communal, and global level each time we step upon the spiral path. Thank you for sharing it with us! Below are links to our participants experiences and various comments.

Ayahuasca Experiences & Reviews:

Transformational, magical, professional, incredible are a few of the words that well up in my heart with immense humility and gratitude for the ceremonies Paul offers. He has a deep connection to the plant medicine and becomes a channel of intuitive wisdom and grace; I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a safe authentic journey into the heart.
Jed, USA

I am extremely blessed to have attended one of Paul’s ceremonies while in Cusco. I wanted to work more with Master Teacher Plants, and yet was extremely scared of having a bad experience. The quality of the experience is dependent on the shaman’s abilities and level of caring, and with good luck I met the real deal– Paul.  In the ceremony I was able to get some serious work done and felt safe the whole time. In a time where plant medicines are gaining more attention, I recommend for others to do the research and seek out a serious shaman of integrity to hold the space, and I have found this in Paul.

J.P, France

I feel extremely Blessed to have shared the experience of ceremony with Paul. Although a little fearful of what was to come before we began the way in which Paul held the space was amazingly grounding and allowed for an extremely profound journey with this incredibly healing medicine. I am so grateful for the safety and knowledge he imparted that helped create the perfect environment for this beautiful awakening and hope to continue to honor the medicine and heal further with them in the future.
Jodie, USA

I was fortunate enough to share ceremonial space with Paul during my stay in Cusco, Peru in may and june of 2013. I experienced a total of 7 ceremonies within the span of a month, and in all it was quite a professional and powerful space that was held.

Personally, what I experienced in those 7 ceremonies, was highly educational and uplifting in a way that I hadn’t fully anticipated in the beginning of my experience with  Paul. Paul was very grounded in his approach while he taught me what what he knew about developing a beneficial relationship with Aya and all the Divine Goddesses and Gods that Paul  worked with….what a potent space, indeed.

The experience started off subtle-like and with each ceremony I went deeper and deeper through the processes of change within the self. After the 7th ceremony, the shift that I felt within was acutely pronounced, and I felt that the process I went through was exactly how I needed to experience it. I am very greatfull. Paul’s  approach is quite evolutionary in nature, with the intent of merging various aspects of spirituality from all over the globe into a melting pot of purpose, providing entrance into hyper-drive momentum of shift within ones self that carries great potential for refinement of the self into higher levels of expression. Though one can only experience the change they are ready for, the opportunity is there and is quite real.

From my experience, I can say with deep feeling that  Paul has  a strong and important connection to the spirit world, and anyone who has the opportunity to work with him is indeed blessed.

Thank you Paul, for doing the work you do, and I hope to continue working with you in the future.
-Amede, Canada

Forgiveness without speaking. Learning without listening. Self-exploration, glimpses of realization, and ego dissolution are exhilarating and slightly frightening endeavors. I admit I ran away at the end of two, then seven days; I didn’t think I could take any more, though Paul kindly, justly, and with genuine, inviting laughter convinced me to continue, to wondrous benefit. At the end of our retreat, I wrote in my journal that I didn’t know who I was anymore. An hour later, on my twisty way by bus up from the valley, the dusty tree leaves were greener than I’d ever seen them before. She waved a close-by, gently oscillating hillside, alive like us with just the right rhythm for me just then like the queen in parades. I’d never felt such deep compassion or gratefulness for no apparent reason. Without greed or pride I want this deep healing for everyone I know. I can think of no person in my life whom I believe would not benefit in some way from the kindness, compassion, and commitment of the three people who so graciously shared their home, wisdom, time, and love with us. Thank you forever and we shall see you again soon, we know (P,S,AK – an acronym too much like the town when you’ve way too much time to think).


I highly recommend drinking Ayahuasca with Paul as he offers a very safe and beautiful space in which you can heal on a very deep level. I, like many people had read scary stories about plant medicines on the internet, and was very frightened to take this step, even though I instinctively knew it was just what I needed. After 5 years of mainly self-guided work on healing childhood traumas, addiction issues, dysfunctional relationships, panic attacks and shaky self-worth it was time to cement this healing and move to the next level. My soul had guided me to Peru and into the path of Paul so I decided to get over my fears and take this wonderful opportunity.

Paul skilfully combines the potent transformative energies of Aya with pure love energy coming from different Gods and Goddesses who he invites into the healing space. One of the most powerful ceremonies I had was when Paul asked the Hindu deity Ganesha to be present. Ganesha has a wonderful energy of joyous love and support for you, but will also use his great strength to smash though any blocks on your path. This can be pretty overwhelming at first as he doesn’t mess about! Trust me, you are better off to let him happily smash away at your blocks and not interfere!

Ganesha and Ayahuasca rewarded my trust by helping me break free of deep fears and energy blocks. I had Kundalini energy surge through my body like a tidal wave of transformation. My whole body was vibrating and I was blowing big “energy bubbles” out my mouth for several hours which to the casual observer would have looked like I was possessed! Luckily Paul was on hand to explain what was happening and asked permission to do some healing work on my chakras, which really helped.

A lot is written about how Aya makes you sick and how it clears out “heavy energy” this way. I did four ceremonies with Paul and was not sick once, but found my body wanted to release the “heavy energy” out of my lungs through breathing out. This was a little odd to start with as my breathing and chest muscles seemed to be taken out my control and I could feel balls of energy coming up through my chest ready to be expelled. Either way, it is very satisfying knowing you are getting rid of energetic debris that no longer serves you.

It has been 6 months since I did the ceremonies and I am happy to report that Aya’s transformational work on me has been permanent and has also developed. The ceremonies themselves allow such a huge shift in your energetic body, it can take a long time for your physical self and day to day life to catch up. It is very exciting to feel the healing work unfolding into your everyday life, doors open and new experiences await you.

Paul says that Ayahuasca will only take you to a place where you are ready to go and maybe try to push you a little beyond. I like this description of Aya, as it is important to remember the medicine is only trying to help you grow. Sometimes we need to be pushed a little to realise how ready we are for change. One thing is for sure, your life will never be the same again…in an amazing way of course!

-CB, Switzerland

My partner and i spent a lot of time with Paul. We definitely felt a higher power at play when it came to meeting him. The universe gave us all what we needed when we needed it. and for that i am truly thankful and grateful from the deepest part of my soul.

My partner and i flew from Mexico to Peru on a complete whim, listening only to our hearts, in search of the perfect situation to experience Ayahuasca. We put complete faith in the universe that we would find what we were looking for when the time was right. We had been in Peru for a couple of months when nothing we found stuck out to us. So to keep ourselves busy and to experience something new and different we started volunteering. Through that volunteering we met Paul. I will not bore you with all the details, but the connection was so strong and our lights shone so bright that we all knew this was something bigger than we’d expected.

We spent a lot of time with Paul, we built a strong foundation, and we became friends, good friends, fast. Amede and i had planned to go to Bolivia for a month, even though it was hard to leave our new found love for this person. We all needed some time to settle, We had an interesting time in Bolivia. As individuals we worked on our intentions, and mentally prepared ourselves for the ceremonies we would soon participate in. We arrived back in Cusco on a Saturday morning and the plan was to do our first ceremony on the monday evening. The monday came with knots in my stomach. I had been asking for change and transformation for so very long and i thought, “wow, its finally happening” our whole journey had led up to that day. Or so i thought.

On that sunny cold monday in Cusco i found out i was pregnant. The change and transformation i so desperately wanted had come. But not how i had expected it. I felt so defeated. We decided not participate that evening in the ceremony, and let ourselves connect with our new reality. After a long week, it was time.

Things had changed for me, i was no longer able to drink with everyone but I was extremely blessed that Paul let me sit in the ceremony. I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous, and i was still a bit mad. But i have to say that night once again my life was changed forever. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Paul did his ritual, and i watched in awe. Even though i didn’t drink the medicine as i had planned i felt peace in my soul, i could feel the healing benefits from just being in that room. And even though i was still feeling a little resentful that i wasn’t participating, it seemed to vanish. I knew it would help Amede on his path of healing and help him connect with our new reality. By the end I sat in on three ceremonies and Amede participated in seven. It helped us get through the initial shock of our new path and heal us both through each other.

I had to tell you the whole story for my experience to make complete sense. I was so fortunate to have found a friend (Seven) that was going through similar things, as she past on her wisdoms in making me feel more confidant and connected in the path the universe had chosen for us. Amede too, was able to heal and find his place as Paul guided him through.

Paul is bridging a huge gap between eastern and western spiritual practices. He has such a unique approach as an individual,  that it is so obvious he is meant to  travel the world teaching and healing. He has found his true calling and it is beautiful beyond words. You simply have to experience it for yourself to see what i am talking about. My partner and i were so very privileged to meet him, that he has have become life long friends. Paul was  a huge part of our 6 month adventure through South America and have changed us forever. It is a real gift for anyone that has a chance to work with Paul. I hope you get to experience his  love for the world, for the universe and for all of human kind the way we did. Thank you once again for waking up a deep part of my soul i didn’t even know was sleeping. Love to you.
Gemma, Canada

I lived one of my most intense inner experiences so far thanks to the Ayahuasca. This medicinal plant has many healing properties and a unique way to work on your body. This medicine heals the body on many levels and can teach you some amazing and helpful things to help you on your spiritual path. The medicine can do it through, for example, visions, possession by spirits or dimensional travel. Ayahuasca while cleaning your bodies can also awake some new energy in your body. Many people asked me about this experience. I feel sharing now with you the notes I was taking after each ceremony. While writing them down, I was trying to not interpret too much what was happening and just be passively observing the Ayahuasca working on me.

I did six ceremonies with a shaman I totally trusted. I knew him from Thailand as we trained together to learn a massage called Chi Nei Tsang. He is from England and has been initiated to various shamanic traditions (Voodoo, Mongolian and plant’s spirits). From what I understood and heard from people doing ceremony with Peruvian shamans and then, with him, he was bringing some more dimensions to the Ayahuasca experience. When some Peruvian shamans work almost only with plants, animals and forest spirits, he was working also with what he called “Gods”. From my understanding, they are spirits who can travel in different dimension while a plant or animal spirit is stuck in one.

We were starting every ceremony with a Puja, inviting deities to join us for the party. We called the God, repeating his or her mantra and did a meditation where we were visualizing and feeling his or her presence. At the end, you could feel that the energy in the room was different. I’m saying “party” because for Gods, an Ayahuasca ceremony can be fun. There is food and music in exchange of some healing work on human.

After the Puja, the shaman was cleaning and protecting the space from the bad spirits. He was calling angels and protectors, drawing a pentagram and visualizing it in different dimensions and doing some other rituals using smoke or tracing line on the floor with water. Then, he was creating a circle of protection around each participant.

Finally, was coming the moment to drink the Ayahuasca prepared by the shaman. Glasses in our hands we were praying, telling our intention to the medicine. You can let the medicine do what she wants but you can also direct by your intention the kind of work you want done on you. The first time, it kind of taste ok but the more you drink it, the more it get disgusting and just to think about it the last day, I felt like throwing up.

Then we were sitting or lying down, in the dark while the shaman was chanting and playing music. Some songs are meant to call some spirits in the space. They are spirits known by the shaman. They have some healing capacities and know how to work on human and respect the limits of the physical body. For 4 to 5 hours, the shaman sings or, guided by the Ayahuasca, come to the participants and do some manipulation. Then, when it’s time to close the ceremony, he is bringing the participant back into their body, blowing smoke on the crown, hearth, plexus chakras and in your back. He then light a candle and we were having some herbal tea, talking about our experiences.

Here is a description of what’s happened to me
Day 1:
Intention: Look into my darkest side and heal it.
As it was the first time, I had expectation and my mind was racing. I was also thinking a lot about the throwing up. That’s the part many people talk about and well, I’m not used to throw up, I don’t like the feeling and I was kind of stress about it, checking that my bucket was close by all the time (You need to bring a bucket). After maybe 1 hour, feeling very strange, I had a vision. I don’t know how long it last but suddenly, I was in a kind of assembly. It looks like a market in a Middle East country. Many people wearing long dress were around me, talking to me in a language I could not understand. They seem very comforting and supporting like if they were telling me “- You’ll be alright”. And then, I lost the vision and threw up. That was a pretty intense throwing up and felt like coming from really deep down. Then, I went back lying down and felt really peaceful, my mind slowing down, almost falling asleep. The shaman told me that I was in the dimension of the ancestors. I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting stronger sensation but at the end, it was good because I came to the second ceremony with no more expectation.
Day 2:
Intention: I wanted to experiment to idea of dimension and astral body.
For a short moment, after mays 1 hour, I left my body and found myself looking at the wall of the room downstairs. It was short but then I spend hours not sure about where my body was. I was feeling the limit of my body like if it was just a kind of energy; I had to move my hand to find the other body. I thought that, well, if I’m just energy, I can move in the dog’s body I was hearing barking not too far from the house. I was intellectualizing it maybe too much but I knew that some people can do it and tried with the dog. It felt like if my body was vibrating and my eyes were having some uncontrolled movement but I didn’t move into the dog. At one point, I saw a tall guy walking close to my head while I was lying down and he walked in the wall. That was probably one of the god called by the shaman (another participant saw them all in the room). I didn’t throw up. It make sense because I didn’t ask for any healing and throwing up is the way for the Ayahuasca to evacuate the bad energy from your body. I felt really dizzy going back home after the ceremony which last almost 6hours.
Day 3:
I ask for a deep healing as I thought that well, I can experiment astral travel without Ayahuasca and that would be stupid to not ask for healing when I have this opportunity. From now on, m intention was only about healing. I felt groggy for 3 hours while having some sensation of hot waves coming in and out in my body as well as the feeling that I was about to throw up. Mind racing again, waiting for something to happen. 30min before the end, I felt like completely drunk and a strong pressure on my crown chakra arrived. The shaman closed my chakras and I almost immediately threw up. I felt great after.
Day 4: Deities invited: Sekmet
After 1 hour, my body was feeling like moving on his own. I was lying down and my head was turning from one side to the other. I could stop it when I wanted but as soon as I was not controlling it, it was coming back. I realize that a spirit is in me. It’s a funny little guy, laughing all the time. I can figure out how he looks by the way he is making my body and my face moving. He is talking (using my voice…you get the idea) a language very pretty. The shaman told me after that it’s a forest spirit called something like Choyechoe. I can talk to him in my mind and he is answering very clearly too. Then the shaman came in my head and it’s like if we were all in one body and all talking by telepathy (the shaman confirmed that we were talking and that telepathy is frequent in the Ayahuasca space), me moving it consciously sometimes or letting the spirit using it other time. I was very curious about him and we were having some good talks and we joked quite a lot. The shaman told me to stand up to let the energy going out. I stood and the spirit started to make some spiral up and down with my body, shaking my head like if he wanted to evacuate something through my crown chakra. Then, when the music was kind of cool, another spirit came to dance with me. He was tall and serious, nothing like the forest spirit. We dance and as he was not really introducing much variety in his dance steps, I ask him to show me what he can do. I took control to show him some dance from Bretagne and he show me all the different steps he knew with some good hips swing. That was really fun and then, when the music was not cool enough for him, the little spirit was taking over and I was doing again some healing movements. At the end of the ceremony, I threw up but the spirits told me exactly when he was going to let me do it. The little spirits stayed with me till late when I went back home and when I lied down, I felt like a warm spiral coming into me.
Day 5:
The day after, in the afternoon, I went for nap and the dancing guy arrives. I stood and we worked together for easily 3 hours. Head spiral, body shaking. Just to make it less boring somehow, I put some music and, not really my idea, but he started to dance again. He really liked Beats Antics and I tried to see how good he is on different genre. AC/DC was really intense for me and all his head shaking were too much for my neck, quite tired after hours of head shaking since last night. He was awesome on reggae and pretty bad on classical music. I was going everywhere in the living room, trusting that he knew where were the walls and I could close my eyes and let him do what he wanted. Exhausted, I finally lied down and he left. The little spirits came shortly after but did just a bit a giggling and left. The difference between that afternoon and an Ayahuasca ceremony was that the communication was not direct. I was talking to him in my head but I was not able to hear him. I could ask only “yes” and “no” question and he was shaking my head to answer.

At the Ayahuasca ceremony (intention: healing, resolve my issue with insulting gods…I’m angry with them somehow) the little guy didn’t wait long because 15min after drinking, he was back on shaking my body. First standing up and then lying down. Lots of hand and arm shaking and my all body doing waves from head to toes. Really intense. Shacked the all house (floor in wood) in company of another participant who was having what’s look like a Condolini awakening (after just 2 ceremony… while It’s taking years through Yoga to maybe do it). Felt sometimes that he was going to pull my arms out or stretch too far my hands. He gave me some rest but never more than a minute. He made me throw up two times, warning me before. He was doing some joke about it when I was asking him if I was going to throw up, telling me yes, then no, then soon etc. I asked him to shake me as much as he thinks it’s needed, I’m like “yea harder”! I was laughing alone just to see my body doing all this movement. Felt once again great after the ceremony.
Day 5: More healing
The Shaman suggested me to ask the spirits to do the healing in a more interne manners. Less movements, more internal observation. A new spirit arrives. It feels like a frog or a snake just by the way my face and my tongue were moving. He worked all night on me and waited till the end of the ceremony to make me throw up. He is not very talkative. Felt great.
Day 6: More healing, Shiva night
Really hard to drink the Ayahuasca this time. Throw up after 30min. The same spirit of the day before work all night on my brain and pineal gland. Feels like lots of pressure in some part of my head, hot spot coming and leaving. I can’t really sleep after it. Globally, I felt really good the all week till now; I’m way calmer than before. While many things in Peru would upset me before, I was way more relax and calm, more in control of my nerves after the Ayahuasca. The effect of the ceremony can come up to six month after according to the shaman. To maintain the work done during the ceremony, we were also practicing Qi Qong every morning and I’m still practicing it every day.

Well, I’m not going to detail everything I learned about spirit, my own identity and dimension but as you can easily guess it from my experiences, It was definitely life changing.

Original Source: http://suryaflow.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/a-personal-encounter-with-mother-ayahuasca/

A Personal Encounter with Mother Ayahuasca

I had been offered ayahuasca a number of times abroad in the last few years but I knew I had to wait until I got to Peru to experience it in the company of a shaman to help facilitate the experience. I had expectations of what it would look like. The jungle, a native shaman, a group of seekers like myself, and someone who was referred (there are a lot of fakes out there giving inappropriate ceremonies ) What I found was an Englishman named Paul. Paul has a background in yoga, chi gong, tai chi, acupuncture and has studied shamanism for 15 years, different traditions starting in Mongolia, then Nepal, then Peru where is teacher’s teacher took one look at him and said he needed to be an ayahuascero and spread the knowledge and wisdom of this sacred vine from the jungle. Paul’s experience is unique and authentic. It’s not the typical jungle experience, those shamans work with jungle spirits where Paul works with gods and goddesses, deities of you will. He mixes and makes his own medicine and says the ayahuasca taught him how to make it, not his teacher. We set intention and meditate for 45 min before we drink bringing in the deity for protection and intention. It gives us time to mentally prepare, and get into the right space before the journey, we then take the cup of ayahuasca in our hands and meditate with it, and then we drink. Paul says the drink gets worse over time. I agree. He says to hold it down as long as you can, and the journey begins within 20 -45 minutes. The room is black and there is one rule … No talking. Even though you are with a group and may want to help, that’s Paul’s job. Everyone is on their own journey. Just you and mother ayahuasca. The vine is a feminine energy and gives you what you need, not what you want. The journey is about surrendering to her and allowing her to embrace you with unconditional love, but she will show you things you may not want to see. But know it is for your own healing. She is consciousness herself. A force not to try and control. We each had a bucket and a bottle of water next to us because usually there is a purge involved. Throwing up in our western culture is known as bad or that your sick, but in this culture it is very much a cleansing and a beautiful thing. He also says crying, and excessive laughing is also a form of cleansing. Embrace the discomfort and know that everything you see and feel will pass. Nothing lasts.

My journeys:


Everything is shakti, divine energy. Mother ayahuasca has a feminine, nurturing, healing energy as long as you surrender to her.

We meditated and met the Egyptian lion goddess Secmet, an incarnation of Kali, the mother.

When I drank, it was pretty gross but lot as bad as I thought. I tried to keep it down like Paul said but my mouth was dry and becoming parched. I closed my eyes and continued to chant internally my own mantra of trust, love, and surrender.

About 10 minutes in, I had to use the bathroom so I went and it started coming out the backend first but I brought my bucket with me because who knows if it would happen from both ends at the same time, I was warned it was not uncommon. As u was sitting there, I felt tingling traveling down my spine, I knew it was beginning so I wanted to get back to my sacred space as sol. As possible. It was a success.

I started to get hot so I took off my hat and jacket and I was told by a friend, sitting up is better because you get the spirit from above and is usually less scary then the ground spirits, but I couldn’t stay seated. I laid down because it started to intensify; visions began.

This is the DMT part of the journey where I was witnessing all kinds of visions and sacred geometry each one connecting to the other experiencing oneness in true form. It was like David Grey art. Everything was colors and shapes shape shifting, moving and flowing from one creation to the next. I kept comi back to my intention of trust love and surrender otherwise she would take over and that can be a scary thing, unless you surrender to her. This is the lesson I learned over and over again. Once I surrendered I felt a warm loving embrace. A friend started throwing up and that’s when I began too. Even in that, I felt connected. I didn’t feel like I purged food but I was cleansing on a spiritual level.

In the jungle they call it jungle television. When you purge is when you get the most intense visions. I would say that’s true in both experiences. This first time, when I was throwing up it was an extension of the the trunk of Ganesha, the elephant god (remover of obstacles). He was filled with jewels on him and around him. It was beautiful stars and serpents were everywhere. I surrendered and laid down after some water which was the only thing I could focus on

I started to become cold so j reached for my jacket but couldn’t see well. There was no way I could figure out how to put it on so I just laid it across my belly and it helped. What didn’t help was the heater breaking.

Paul was singing mantras and different earth songs to bring about different energies and vibrations. It’s his way of communicating with the ayahuasca and letting her do her thing each chant or song can bring you into a different dimension. And it did.

I felt everything in vibration in my body. It was like a roller coaster of vibrating energy. Everything would tighten and I would begin to shiver and then when I reminded myself to surrender I would feel warm and melt into the ground. I felt her in places like on the outside of my left hamstring, left shoulder blade, right side of the neck, and mostly deep in my hips. My hips were so tight, I hold all my tension there. Paul later said its not just my pain or emotion but I am working on healing all women, cultural and ancestral through this pain in my hips. It was so deep that I would try and move and couldn’t. literally paralyzed. But I remembered nothing lasts forever, it too shall pass and surrendered to savasana position until she let me move again.

Just when I though it was winding down, Paul began chanting again and the vibration continued, more shivering, more tightening, more holding, more surrender. I started to giggle and laugh towards the end because of the realization we are nothing and everything all at the same time and its just simply surrendering that provides comfort and ease in any and all situations. For example, at one point I thought someone grabbed a hold of my foot, it was taking over, crawling up my leg, I began to panic, and then surrendered and the sensation quickly vanished. Just like that.

I saw white light and beauty and began to smile and laugh. In my meditation and yoga practice I get moments of becoming the witness, the watcher, and my ego/mind is separated from consciousness itself but never this long and never in the form of visions, sensations, colors, shapes, vibrations, and music.

My good friend Nick used to tell me stories of ayahuasca and explain it to me but I never fully understood him until now. He would say “Randi, I hve never been more convinced that this life we live is not reality. “

Paul began to ground us with jungle tobacco. He asked everyone come to a seat, but I couldn’t because of my hips. He got low, and blew the tobacco into my head and into my hips and wa- la I was able to sit up. That’s when we all bursted into laughter, I’m pretty sure it was all because of the same thing. Pure amazement and a little bit more enlightened if you will. An understanding based off experience alone. Everyone stopped but I couldn’t I kept laughing and laughing… A purge Paul would call it.

We had tea and fruit after. All I could do was hold a plum in one hand and strawberries in the other hand as if it were a cold stone in my hand after a hot yoga class. It felt so good. Then I ate it.

We all cleaned our buckets out but first looking at what we purged. That was fun! Then we got in a taxi and headed back to the hostel.

The whole next day I felt different, a lot of layers were shed and I felt lighter. I was still a little outside my body but that’s to be expected.

Wow! Oh what a night….. Little did I know only 4 days later I would be going for round II. Paul says every experience can be similar or extremely different, the best thing to do is have 0 expectations. You can apply that to everything in life so you won’t feel disappointed.


The second time around I was just as nervous as the first time, maybe even more so. This time we fasted all day as a part of our training ( apparently not necessary, the medicine will only hit you harder ) and Paul led us in a chi gong practice which already had us floating.

My intention this time came in another set of 3 words. Release, relax, and embrace. So I did.

We had more people this time around and it was in our hostel so it was a different energy. I made myself a cozy spot and made sure I would be warm. Yoga mats, blankets, bucket, and a bottle of water and was good to go.

This time he led us into meditation to meet Siva, the destroyer. Siva is my guy and already have a relationship with him through mantra and study, so it felt comforting to have him there for protection.

Love. Everything is love. Everything. Its all about how open you are to receive that love. There is no void of it. You can access it all the time if you are open to the channel and can surrender into it an allow it to wrap you up in its unconditional embrace.

I felt connected and was highly involved in everyone’s experience. I knew what they were letting go of and was encouraging them from afar. I was just in a nurturing loving energy and embraced them in addition to mother ayahuasca so she could embrace me. I connected with chuck and his ancestry of anger and felt him letting go of it and cheered him along the way (silently of coarse) I connected with Heidi’s dad who had passed away and felt she was just blissing out. I gave Jodi, Jed and Erica and large loving hug from afar. I connected with people outside the circle. Everyone in the training, Nick, Ananda and Coby specifically.

I felt breathed by the medicine. I puked but it was all medicine and nothing else because I was fasting all day. I let her do her work. Her healing and encouraged her along the way as I was conscious about the work she was doing. The jungle television was awesome this time around. I call it a serpent swan. White and black with red wings and a red tongue. I was that. I am that. We are all a part of everything and everyone because we are one.

My hips weren’t being targeted this time around it was mostly the lower back but towards the end the work was done on my hips and I couldn’t move them again. Paul had to ground me from the floor once again.

I felt a sharp poking in the back of my head. As if she was reprogramming my brain. It felt like the inside of a watch. Turning, tweaking, lubricating. It was amazing to see.

There was a serpent energy throughout the experience moving, slithering, gliding, flowing, healing…. Taking over. Showing me I have no control and to surrender once again.

When Paul grounded me I still didn’t feel she was finished with me. Part of me wanted to throw up again but i think i was resisting beause i couldnt be bothered. After the ceremony was done we had fruit and we had a cuddle puddle and we all closed our eyes together and again the serpent took us on a journey About an hour later I still felt disoriented but went to bed.

The following days I continued to feel out of my body, my notion is that he grounded us too soon and she wasn’t done her work.

The bucket was all medicine as I was cleaning it out and again a laughter came over me.

I am looking forward to taking more of these journeys and studying with Paul and doing ayahuasca yoga retreats. Once you experience consciousness herself…. She leaves you wanting more!

This is true medicine of the jungle practiced for 1000s of years. A true healing on a level that can not be explained unless experienced happens with this magical vine. Just when I thought life couldn’t get better then this … The mother comes and shows you real beauty.

If your interested in this experience, please get in touch by responding to this post or emailing randi@suryaflow.com.

Love and Sunshine,
Surya, USA

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