Lucid Dreaming & Dream Yoga

lucid dreaming

Workshop: Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga

In this workshop you will learn the history, philosophy and practical techniques of lucid dreaming and dream yoga.

Are YOU awake?

In this workshop, we invite you to explore what this question means, in both the waking state, and the dreaming…

Lucid Dreaming; Waking up, inside the dream.

We teach the methods and methodologies of lucid dreaming that will allow YOU to recognize that you are dreaming, to create solidity within the dream realm, and to learn how to control the dream

As you attain to greater levels of mastery in the dream realm, we soon move away from the simple satisfaction of desires- though there is nothing wrong in exploring one’s fantasies within the dream realm- it’s a totally safe environment for that. Yet there are deeper levels of mastery to be found.  In the lucid dreaming state we can explore psychological issues, and test things that we cannot do within the waking state…the dream provides an opportunity for exploration of this kind.

As we begin to explore deeper, we begin to realise that we are dealing with the very mind created-matrix itself; that all we see and perceive within the dream realm is a projection of our very own mind. We then begin to shift our attention to the deeper practises of dream yoga.

Dream Yoga: expanding on the techniques of Lucid dreaming,, and utilising these practises for ‘waking up’ in daily life; for recognising all things as an apprehension and apparition of the mind; and the deepest realisation that All is Consciousness.

Dream yoga, from the Taoist and Tibetan meditative traditions offers insights, guidance and practises for the attainment of Liberation in the dreaming, sleeping and waking states.

Dream yoga:

The benefits of Lucid dreaming can include:

Psychological exploration and insight

Fulfillment of your wildest fantasies and desires

Learn to gain mastery over ones fears and phobias

Learn the hidden language of YOUR subconscious mind

Practise and improve any life skill

Re-unite with lost loved ones

Explore other realms and other dimensions

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Lightning Dream Work
  • To remember your dreams
  • How to keep and utilise a dream diary
  • How to analyse your dreams
  • A variety of induction techniques
  • MILD and WILD
  • Techniques of stabilisation and control
  • To Activate the Dream Body
  • Practises of transformation and transfiguration
  • Practises of Multiplication and Reduction
  • Advanced meditation practises for the attainment of the Yoga of Sleep
  • How to discover the natural radiance of the Mind


Time: 10am- 5pm

Cost: 30 usd

Please contact us to arrange this workshop!

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