Qi Gong



Qi Gong- From the Taoist Tradition of China.

Whilst many are familiar with the yoga systems of India, it is only in recent times that it has come to the attention of the world that the Chinese had an equally profound system of spiritual advancement…

Over at least a 4000 year history, qi gong has developed many roots and branches. Ranging from simple calisthenic exercises, to breath-work to entire systems of martial arts,; ranging from the fundamental basis  of Chinese medicine, and onto the profound heights of Taoist Internal Alchemy, and spiritual liberation, Qi gong runs the entire gamut of human experience, offering exercises for standing, sitting, lying, walking, moving and making love- bringing the Eternal Tao- the fundamental Oneness of all creation, into every aspect of ones experience, creating health, healing and wholeness…

These classes will cover a broad range of core forms taken from the three main qi gong schools: the Martial school, for physical power, strength and grounding; the Medical school, with its emphasis on opening the meridians for the health of oneself, and for learning to heal others:and the Spiritual school, which seeks spiritual liberation.

These classes are designed to gradually lead the student to the advanced practices of Internal Alchemy. These previously esoteric practices from the Taoist Tradition of China, are designed to bring about a total revolution in mind, body and spirit, leading to a merging with the Supreme Ultimate; the Tao.

These practices are powerful and deeply transformative; daily practice can lead to a profound stillness in mind, a strong, open, and energised body, and a free and liberated spirit.


Qi Gong Classes take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9-10.30 in Rinconada, Pisac, Peru.

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