Raising Kundalini



The great Tantric tradition of India recognises the existence of two great Cosmic forces. The intertwining of these two forces create, sustain, and ultimately dissolve the entire universe of manifestation, internally, and externally. Tantra proposes that the universe that we experience, from moment to moment, is a result of the interweaving of Pure Consciousness and Pure energy. Every moment of our experience is made up of these two aspects.

All great wisdom traditions recognise this fundamental binary, which makes up the One, the whole, or totality of existence.

This fundamental polarity is mirrored and established within the human nervous system as two energies, yin and yang, positive and negative, Shiva {consciousness]- at the crown centre, the centre of enlightenment, and Maha Kundalini- the serpent Goddess at the base. The journey of Yoga is to raise this primary female energy– the energy of the Goddess herself– all the latent energy in the universe….and lead it up the subtle channels within the spine, to reach her lover  at the crown. This ‘Raising of the Kundalini’ is the journey towards greater wisdom, wholeness, healing and spiritual awakening, and can create conditions in which the subtle{extraordinary powers} can arise. Whilst these powers are not the goal of the system, they can be indicative of process along the way.

Raising Kundalini is a profound and powerful workshop working with Primal Cosmic Powers. Students can expect to experience very big shifts in personal energy, and can expect to begin a process of spiritual awakening that can, eventually, lead one to Liberation, or Enlightenment.

In this workshop you will learn

  • Techniques of grounding to sustain and maintain a very high level of awakening
  • Techniques of clearing the nadis {subtle channels} and Chakras {centres of energetic transformation}
  • Techniques of strengthening the internal wiring of the body to sustain the enormous amount of energy kundalini requires
  • Shamanic bodywork techniques to remove blockages and awaken kundalini
  • Asana {postures to facilitate the awakening of Kundalini}, Pranaymama {breathng techniques of kunadlini awakening} , mudra {genstures to facilitate the flow of energy in ceratin directions}  and banda {‘locks’ or internal energetic movements to channel Kundalini}
  • Tantric ‘kriyas’ {movements}to raise Kundalini to the crown.



Time: 10am- 5pm

Costs: 30 usd

Please contact us to arrange this workshop!

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