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Tai Chi; The Grand Ultimate…

The practise of Tai Chi can offer many different things for many different people…for those seeking philosophy, Tai Chi offers a doorway onto a holistic and profound cosmology and metaphysics. For those seeking health and  healing, Tai Chi is known to have extraordinary benefit on a wide variety of symptoms and syndromes; Tai Chi offers a lifetime of luminous, radiant health. For those seeking a practical, efficient and graceful martial art, Tai Chi provides a unique system of martial development. And for those seeking spiritual liberation, Tai Chi provides a path into the profound depths of Taoist Internal Alchemy.

In these classes, we will focus our attention upon the Yang style long form. However, we will also be drawing upon techniques, practises and exercises from the Yang family style of Tai Chi, as well as Chen and Wu styles to provide contrast and context…

Tai Chi classes will also incorporate study of two lesser known internal martial arts; Xing Yi Zhuan (Mind Form Boxing) and Ba Gua Zhuan (Eight Trigram Palm). Study of these three arts allows the student to understand the full range of energetic potential in any and all situations, from martial to mundane.

Internal Martial Arts are systems of enlightenment disguised as fighting arts. They are also highly effective systems of self-defence.

In these classes we will cover: forms and applications, nei gong practices for internal strength and power, pushing hands, jing training for explosive power, ta chi meditations for internal energy, healing and enlightenment.


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Tai Chi Classes take place every Tuesday, Thursday andSaturday at 9-10.30 in Rinconada, Pisac, Peru.

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